Modern healthcare providers are increasingly mobile and less dependent on traditional paper laboratory reports. Requiring only an internet connection, LabLink Online Results provides the means to quickly and securely retrieve, view, or print laboratory reports from anywhere at anytime.

LabLink Online Results incorporates a number of features to streamline searches for desired reports, select report display options and manage report printing, including:

LabLink Online Results Search Options

Multi practice support
Providers practicing in multiple locations may choose to view reports from one or all of their accounts.

Filtered searches
Searches may be refined to quickly access desired reports using a number of user-defined parameters such as:
  • Patient name (Last/First)
  • Show 'New' reports only
  • Include/Exclude 'Pendings'
  • Date Range
  • Laboratory requisition/accession (report) number
  • Options to group searches by name, record number or report date

LabLink Online Results Display Options

Preview Pane
Reports selected by searches may be quickly scanned in an abbreviated format by "hovering" over individual test names.

Text View
Complete individual reports may be viewed in text mode which supports copy and paste into other applications.

PDF View
Individual reports, or batches of several reports in BBPL logo format may be viewed as PDF images using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Cumulative View
At the users option, text or PDF view reports may be presented in cumulative report format, which displays the last five available results per test in chronological order.

LabLink Online Results Printing

Demand Print
Users may print individual reports or batches of individual reports at any time from within Acrobat Viewer using normal computer printing functions.

Automatic Printing
BBPL's proprietary DocLink print tool simplifies printing for clients wanting paper reports by automatically generating laser quality laboratory reports as the testing is completed. The DocLink print tool is highly configurable and allows users to specify:
  • Print frequency as often as every half hour
  • Cumulative or individual report format
  • Multi-location printer routing (network printers) based on provider location
  • Options to filter preliminary reports, microbiology reports and comprehensive final reports

LabLink Online Results, LabLink Online Orders and LabLink Online Services provide the tools to effectively manage laboratory data.

For more information about BBPL connectivity options please contact our marketing department.