Don't let the high cost of hospital and out-of-network labs get in the way of your healthcare. Ask your physician for Boyce and Bynum's outpatient lab services, where consumers receive a discount for payment at time of service on most lab tests.... Ideal for those with high-deductible plans, or those with no lab coverage.


What is the Preferred Patient Program?

Outpatient laboratory savings for you and your family! The Preferred Patient Program is a voluntary savings program designed for individuals to receive high-quality, outpatient medical laboratory testing at discounted prices. When you request, obtain, and pay for your physician-ordered lab services at a Boyce and Bynum Patient Service Center, you receive discounted pricing with the added convenience of no program enrollment, contract, or insurance claim. Routine lab results are provided to your referring physician within 24 hours.


Q and A

How do I use the Preferred Patient Program?
  1. When your physician decides that testing is needed, request to use the Boyce and Bynum Preferred Patient Program, and a written order for lab testing. Your physician's written order can be on a prescription pad, a Boyce and Bynum requisition, or another lab's requisition, and should include your physician's contact information and the specific tests needed.

  2. Visit a Boyce and Bynum Patient Service Center for your specimen collection. Phone our Client Services personnel at 1-800-786-4602 or visit Our Locations for contact information and directions. An appointment is not required at most locations.

    At the Patient Service Center, present your physician's written order and request participation in the Preferred Patient Program. At that time, a staff member will determine the discounted price, collect payment and provide a detailed receipt. Specimens are then collected by a trained medical professional and sent to our laboratory for testing.

  3. Following thorough laboratory analysis, your test results are sent to your physician's office within 24-48 hours. Contact your referring physician for test results.

What lab tests are included in the Preferred Patient Program?
Most diagnostic outpatient laboratory testing is covered, provided the tests have been ordered by your physician and you have requested participation in the Preferred Patient Program. Covered outpatient lab work includes:
  • Blood testing (e.g., cholesterol, CBC)
  • Urine testing (e.g., urinalysis)
  • Cultures (e.g., throat cultures)

What lab tests are not included in the Preferred Patient Program?
  • Lab tests ordered during hospitalization
  • Lab tests ordered on an emergency basis (STAT)

Boyce and Bynum does not file an insurance claim on your behalf when utilizing this payment-at-time-of-service plan. To verify covered services in the Preferred Patient Program, contact our Client Services personnel at 1-800-786-4602.

Take control of your lab test costs. Ask to be a Preferred Patient.