In these tough economic times, the cost of providing employer sponsored health insurance plans is of concern. Rising medical costs have resulted in:
  • Premium increases out-pacing inflation
  • Rising deductibles

LabAccess Direct Contracting Program

As an employer and provider of medical services, Boyce and Bynum Pathology Laboratories (BBPL) is cognizant of and concerned about these trends.

BBPL, a fully accredited medical laboratory doing business in Missouri and surrounding states since 1965, has developed a program to address the rising cost of providing medical coverage to your staff.

Medical laboratory testing data is critical to 70% of all medical decisions and determinations. Although laboratory testing services represent only 5% of total medical expenditures, significant cost savings are possible under a program developed by BBPL.

BBPL's LabAccess program is a voluntary, consumer-driven program designed to provide high quality outpatient medical laboratory testing at sharply discounted prices. Under the LabAccess program, employers can contract directly with BBPL to secure significant cost savings for outpatient medical laboratory testing services. A short contractual agreement between the employer and BBPL designating BBPL as the company's preferred laboratory provider, is required. The company's health plan document would be modified to direct patients to BBPL for routine laboratory services by offering co-pay, and deductible waivers for outpatient laboratory work performed by BBPL under the LabAccess program. The health plan would be billed directly at significantly discounted rates (discounts up to 70%). The plan is specifically designed for companies with self-insured health plans.

Q and A

How does the LabAccess Program work?
When your insured's physician decides that laboratory testing is needed, the employee would need to inform his(her) physician that in order to avoid deductibles and co-pays, the laboratory work will need to be sent to BBPL. Your insured's insurance card will display the LabAccess logo and special LabAccess group number. Once the services are performed by BBPL, the discounted bill for these services is sent directly to your plan's third party administrator for payment.

What types of laboratory testing are included in this program?
The LabAccess program covers most diagnostic outpatient laboratory services to include:
  • Blood testing (e.g. cholesterol, lipid tests)
  • Urine testing (e.g. urinalysis)
  • Cytology testing (e.g. PAP smears collected by the physician's office)
  • Cultures (e.g. throat cultures)

What types of laboratory testing are NOT included in this program?
The LabAccess program does not cover all lab work. Excluded services include:
  • Laboratory testing ordered during hospitalization.
  • Laboratory testing ordered on an emergency (STAT) basis.

Is the LabAccess program mandatory?
No. This is a voluntary, consumer-driven program. If the insured employee decides not to use the program, the plan's normal benefits (deductible and co-pay) will apply.

What if you physician is not currently a BBPL client?
The physician's office may call BBPL client services at 800-786-4602 to arrange courier pick-up or the patient may take a physicians order or requisition to one of our patient service centers for specimen collection. Our Service Center Locator, may be used to identify the closest BBPL patient service center.