BBPL's epidemiology reports provide a valuable adjunct to infection control surveillance and monitoring programs in acute-care or long term care facilities.

Data obtained from microbiology specimens submitted for culture is aggregated and analyzed to generate client-specific summary reports detailing:

  • Detailed listing of all positive cultures by patient, culture type and organism.
  • Detailed listing of all Clostridium difficile toxin screens by patient, date and result.
  • Distribution of positive cultures by culture type.
  • Distribution of organisms isolated by count of cultures.
  • Antibiogram of antibiotic sensitivity percentage by organism.

A generic sample set of BBPL Epidemiology Reports can be downloaded here.

Reports are generated by BBPL within the first two working days of each month, printed in color and mailed to clients enrolled in the epidemiology program. An annual summary report is also provided in January for the prior year.

BBPL LabLink also provides the tools for clients to generate their own on-demand epidemiology reports whenever they choose, and for any time period desired; monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, etc.

For more information about BBPL's epidemiology reports, or for a demonstration on generating these reports through BBPL LabLink email our marketing department or call 1-800-392-2748.